How do I activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in Oxis?

Oxis offers you two-step verification so you can protect your account from unauthorized access.

To activate 2FA, log in to Oxis and go to Profile˃Security˃2-Step Verification.

Once you click on this section you will see a QR code on the screen as well as a code below.

To scan the QR, you must first install a two-step verification application on your mobile device, such as the Google Authenticator, Authy, the Microsoft Authenticator, FreeOTP or any other application that you trust.

Once installed, scan the code with your Smartphone. Depending on the application, the Oxis account will be added automatically or you will need to configure it manually.

The verification app will then generate a six-digit code for you; Enter this code on the Oxis page.

If for some reason you cannot scan the code with your Smartphone, you can enter the code that appears under the QR in your application manually or by copying and pasting it onto the Oxis page.

If your password is strong and you have secured it through the three security questions , then the security status of your account will be the most optimal for you to enjoy the experience of using Oxis safely. 

The two-step verification will allow you to consent to actions such as changing your password or authorizing the sending of funds and exchanging. 

At Oxis, we use two-step verification through the application because we consider this to be the safest method to protect your account. Please see this article to learn more.