How do I activate my three security questions in Oxis?

It is very important that when creating your account in Oxis you increase your security with the tools that are natively available at your disposal within the software.

One of these are the security questions, specially designed to protect your account.

To activate them, choose the option Profile-˃Security-˃Secure your password.

On the following screen you will find nine default questions from which you can choose the three that you can remember best.

Once you have the three questions and their answers, write them down and keep them in a safe place offline where no one else has access to them. Do not share these questions and answers with anyone, and do not keep them online. This is to prevent cybercriminals from getting access to them. See more safety tips here .

Remember that this is the most delicate step, as you will proceed to encrypt your password. It is very important that you do not forget the answers. If the answers are forgotten, it will not be possible to access your funds. Not even the Oxis team will be able to recover them.