How do I receive BitCoin in Oxis?

It's very simple to receive Bitcoin (BTC) in Oxis. 

First, log into Oxis with your email and password. If you still do not have an account with us, you can see this article to know how to create it.

To use the Oxis web application, you must authorize the device with which you are logging in. To do this, go to your email inbox and open the link that Oxis will send you. Make sure the sender is and that the link redirects you to

Go to the "Accounts" section of Oxis and click on the bitcoin logo.

There you will find a graph of the latest fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, its current value, and your account balance as well as the history of the latest transactions. 

Click on the "Receive" option and you will find a screen that will show a QR code as well as your native segwit bitcoin address.

Share either of these with the issuer of the transaction.

After the bitcoin is sent, wait for it to be confirmed on the blockchain. If the network is not congested, in a few minutes you will have the bitcoin in your wallet! 

Keep in mind that for a bitcoin transaction to be secure it must have at least three confirmations.