Why am I receiving an insufficient funds error when trying to send cryptocurrency?

At Oxis, we do not charge a fee for sending transactions. But for the confirmation of cryptocurrency transactions, a fee must be paid to the miners of the network, which the amount varies depending on the congestion that exists.

For this reason, you must make sure that you have enough funds in a cryptocurrency (ETH in the case of tokens) to cover the fee(s) of the network. If your funds are very low, the error "insufficient funds" will appear and you will not be able to access the confirmation screen to complete the transaction.

In the case of Bitcoin, for example, we explained that the fee varies depending on the size of the transaction. If your case is that you received many small payments in your Wallet and you want to put them all together to make a single transaction, the size of that transaction will be larger, which will increase the fee that you will have to pay for the transaction to be processed on the network.

Therefore, we recommend that you try a much smaller transfer of funds and not to send small amounts of mining rewards to your Oxis wallet for utxo based currencies such as BTC, DASH, BCH, LTC, DGB, ZEC.