What happens if Oxis goes out of business? What happens to my money?

With Oxis, you have complete control of your private keys. Oxis is a decentralized, cloud, and distributed service. There is no central entity that controls your private key and from which you must request some kind of permission to move your funds.

This means that if Oxis stops providing services, your cryptocurrencies are safe with you. Unlike centralized services such as BitGo, Coinbase, Binance, etc... Oxis does not hold or control any of our users cryptocurrencies or private wallet/account information.

To ensure recovery of your assets is possible in the instance that Oxis ceased to exist, download your Mnemonic/seed and store it in a safe place. Thus, you can restore your assets that were being stored in Oxis whenever you want in any wallet software that supports your mnemonic phrase. You can find some tips to safeguard your Mnemonic here