Do I have to verify my identity to purchase cryptocurrency in Oxis with a credit or debit card?

Although at Oxis we do not ask for your personal information to receive, send, or exchange cryptocurrencies, remember that transactions with third parties involving fiat currency need your identity to avoid fraud, or scams and money laundering. 

Therefore, to purchase cryptocurrency in Oxis with your credit or debit card, a user must indicate: 

  • their name
  • date of birth
  • home address
  • city
  • zip code 

Similarly, you must indicate your credit, debit, or Apple/Google Pay card details.

That being said, depending on the country of origin, for larger purchases in the range of EUR 5,000 per day or 20,000 per month, you must provide other types of information. This information includes:

  • an identity document (passport, driver's license, residence card ...)
  • a selfie, card verification
  • a document proving your address (utility bill, etc ...) or a certification of income. 

You can check this information in detail on the service provider's page.