I received funds to Oxis, but there's no transaction record...

Someone sent you a transaction to your Wallet address, but a few minutes have passed and the funds have not yet been added to your balance, and it does not appear in your history.

Was the transaction fee too low?

Do not despair because your transaction is not yet reflected. It may simply be due to congestion on the blockchain network you are using. 
For example, in the case of Bitcoin, there must be three confirmations for a transaction to be considered secure. Each confirmation usually takes 10 minutes. However, it may happen that the fee that was paid to confirm the transaction was very low and the network is congested.
In that case, the time taken to confirm could increase to days in a worst-case scenario. The unfortunate side-effect to this is that the only thing that can be done is to wait for the transaction to be reflected in Oxis when the transaction has been stuck unconfirmed by network congestion.

Does Oxis support the cryptocurrency that was sent to you?

Make sure the funds were sent in a cryptocurrency that is supported by Oxis. You can check the list of supported cryptocurrencies here .
In case the funds have been sent with a cryptocurrency that is not compatible, they will not be reflected in your Oxis wallet. If this were to occur, try importing your Mnemonic into a wallet that does support the crypto asset that had been sent to your Oxis wallet. 
Do keep in mind that if you export your private key outside of Oxis, you will face security risks that are not present with us, such as possible hacks to the service or theft of your identity. 
Visit this article to learn how to migrate funds from one wallet to another. 

Did you check the transaction history?

To verify the transactions you have received with Oxis one by one, select the cryptocurrency you want to check in the " Accounts" section of the main Oxis page.
On the next screen you will find your transaction history with the details of all the transactions sent and received with your Wallet. 
If the transaction is still not reflected, click " refresh" after a few moments to re-synchronize your Wallet with the blockchain.
If the funds are still not reflected in your account, it is possible that they have not been sent to the correct address.

Is the address to which the funds were sent correct?

Each transaction has a unique identifier that you can review on a block explorer . If the cryptocurrencies still do not appear in your account, verify that the receiving address matches the one you provided to your sender.
If the address the cryptocurrencies were sent to does not match the address you delivered, or if you don't see the transaction in your address's payment history, then the funds were sent to another address.
If this is the case, you will need to contact your counterpart. At Oxis we are not responsible for errors made in transactions performed by third parties.