Why are network fees charged when performing exchanges in Oxis?

Unlike a centralized platform, with Oxis you must send funds from your wallet to the exchange's address. Thus, when it is complete, we will send the funds to your destination address in Oxis.

Due to the transaction being on-chain, a fee must be paid to the miners, so that it is settled on the network that your funds were sent to be exchanged, and we can send you the equivalent amount in the specified cryptocurrency. 

With a centralized exchange, on the other hand, the funds do not move from one address to another because the exchange is the one who controls the funds and notates in its accounting that an operation was carried out. This increases the risks to a user, because the responsibility of safekeeping the funds is delegated to a third party. With Oxis, on the other hand, you are the sole owner of the cryptocurrencies and the only one with control of your assets.