Why can't I send Bitcoins to my Oxis address?

If you use an external cryptocurrency wallet and want to send funds to Oxis, there is the possibility that you will receive an error message saying that the Bitcoin receipt address is invalid. 

Someone who wants to send you funds may also receive this error message.

Do not panic, it is not a Wallet malfunction and it does not mean that your address is invalid.

Oxis works with native SegWit, a feature of Bitcoin that increases the speed of processing and the security of transactions, which was activated in 2017.

However, not all wallets are compatible with SegWit yet. Therefore, if you want to send funds to Oxis and the wallet is not compatible, it will detect the address as invalid.

Luckily, you can easily recognize if an address works with SegWit or not. This is an example of a Bech 32 address (aka native segwit), which is the name of the type of addresses that work with SegWit:

All Bech32 addresses start with bc1, while addresses that start with a 3 may or may not be SegWit compatible (some may be multi-signature addresses). All of the bitcoin addresses that start with 1 are known as “Legacy” addresses, which do not incorporate Segwit.

Make sure that the wallet from which you will send funds to Oxis is compatible with SegWit in order to carry out the transaction correctly . Although no one can restrict where bitcoins are sent or not, some wallets allow funds to be sent from a Legacy address to a Bech32 address, while others do not.

Check this list to find out which of the most popular Bitcoin wallets and payment processors have activated SegWit in their services.